Friday, 27 May 2011

Road Trip to Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook, New Zealand

In the beautiful and massive landscapes of New Zealand it was only natural to stop in the middle of traffic and jump in the wrong side of the road, "Left Side Leap."  

Next on a tourist stop found a compass to jump on, we have the "Neglectful Navigation."

Here on Lake Tekapo we saw some great scenery, some turquoise water, and jumped on slippery rocks, for the "Tekapo Technique"

The famous Mount Cook, was an ideal location for me to wear sandals. The mountain train and weather also helped in creating the "Inappropriate Equipment Explosions."

On the way out of the valley we discovered a valley of  loose morals and low dignity, and equal quality jumps. Also that resulted in a cut on the hand, and the "Tetanus Twirl."

Christchruch, New Zealand

The next jump is of biblical proportions in the lovely town of Christchurch, we see the "Christchurch Crucifixion"

In a very average mall we find an exceptional store that reminds me of home. The 
"Back Home Bounce"

A little outside of Christchurch we stumble upon the famous and mysterious Salmon World, an ideal location for a famous object imitation jump category . We see the "Salmon Spring" 

Wellington, New Zealand

As many know JJA recently traveled to New Zealand, our adventure was full of bridging cultures through many international jumps. We started in Wellington my former place of residence, jumps started off with many of the historic and majestic locations. 


Here we have the first jump in New Zealand, at the Wellington Cable Car, we cant really see the cable car or my face. We call this "Decapitate Deception Dance." 

Next we see the Wellington harbor and have the  "Harbor Hop"

 Here is the supreme court in New Zealand, we expected much more security and not to be able to get in, but we were able to do the "B&E Bounce."

Next with our first and last museum in in New Zealand. We stopped at Tepapa, a very fancy and extensive museum, but we were able to do the "Mobile Museum Maneuver."

Next we topped at the Weta Cave, which is where the do all the special effects for the Lord of the Rings and many other films. We see the actions figures in the back make a wonderful background for the "What are you doing? . . . Jumping in front of you action figures."

Finally on the beautiful coast of Wellington we have the "Rocky Coast Round Off"

Friday, 13 May 2011

End of term fancy jumps

Not many people realize that we here at ICMS wear suits daily, naturally this needs to be showcased with the "Sexy Suit Spring"

Up next while on the end of term fancy booze cruise we see the sydney harbor making a lovery background for the "Binge Drinking Bounce"

Notice I set down the drink and for the opportunity for the thumbs up. 

Light House Legends.

Near Palm Beach there is a lighthouse. Ideal for fun jumps.

Here we see the attempted "Intimate Imitation Lighthouse Maneuver"

Next with the board of directors we see the Chairman of Directors being jumped by the V.P. of Austra/U.S. Relations while the beautiful and charming Founder/CEO and Firugehead is in the background. Entitled the "Too many eggs in one basket"   

Next a classic maneuver the "Asian Couple Combo" 

Finally we see the one move that is for the kids, we see the "Big Boy Bash"

Palm Beach

In our travels we often encounter many places that are ideal for new jumping experiences, Palm beach was just one of those wonderful places. 

Here off a lovely sand mound, with disappointed Melissa the Director of Creativity and Bonerz. We have the "The Sand Skip" 

(Notice the sand action)

Next we the see the "Wide Arm Air Time"

Next on a lovely walk up to the sand dues, we see the "double thumbs, double water, one jump" 

On a successful dune jump of the Director of Bonerz take a face plant, in the "Face Plant Frolic" 

Finally we see the 
"Up Skirt Air Time" 

Body Grooming Jump

I was tricked and blackmailed into waxing my chest, naturally it is less painful if I jump. On a side note jumping aerodynamics have increased due to less wind resistance. 

Here we have the "Hairless Hooray Hop"