Monday, 18 April 2011

Blue Mountains.

Most recently I traveled to the Blue Mountains, here explored many different terrains and jumping opportunities. Explored the 3 sisters in a very intense rain storm,  then later did some abseiling near Mount Victoria. 

Here we have a position adapted from MTV Cribs, and specifically gangsters showing off there rims, I call this the " 3 sister<my rims" 

Closer to the 3 sisters we have a wonderful view of the Blue Mountains and an Asian tour group. This is the "Casual Zulu Mountain Jump" 

Later in our journey we found ourselves once again in a Jurassic Park rain storm. Naturally a perfect opportunity to show off the "Moist Mountain Motion"    

After finishing abseiling fun, found a perfect scenery for the "Klassic Karate Kombo" 

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