Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Road Trip to Melbourne

This easter break we at JJA, made our way down to the lovely city of Melbourne, but our journey could not be complete with out stopping at some of the best sights that the Hume highway could offer.

Our first stop is at the lovely Big Merino this truck stop and gift shop combo was a great jumping off point for the trip. This is the "Big Merino Belly Shot."

The next an possibly the most anticipated stop of the trip is the lovely town of Gundagai, this town is famous for the Dog On a Tuckerbox. Here we also had our first encounter with a very passionate woman, who after our meeting is a big fan. 
Here we have the first of the water jumps category, with the "Fountain Frolic"  

(please notice the water action) 

On the side of the road, in the beautiful country side, with the Director of Photography we see the 
"Toll Road Tea Bag"  

In the next town of Holbrook, the is a submarine. JJA debated and discussed for hours about the origins of this submarine and determined that it was put there by humans. This is still up for debate.  
This is the "Ahoy Mate Air Time."

Some what out of the way but worth it for JJA, we discovered the Giant Strawberry of Koonoomoo. The first and possibly only jump in the large fruit category. Here we see the V.P of Australia/U.S. Relations and Transportation Specialist with his adorable head in the Strawberry.
We call this "Fruit Fiasco with Brad"  

Next is Chiltern, not a lot goes on here.  Except the first road jump, we have the "Single Leg Gas Station Gib" 

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