Thursday, 21 April 2011

Late Night in Manly .

Due to the recent success, we at JJA have realized the need to expand. We have now added several categories of jumps, here are some of our initial endeavors. 

The first of many in the Eating Food and Jumping category, we had to go get a late night eat at BenBry Burgers, despite the great burgers we great jumps here too. Here we have the "Big Boy BenBry Burger Bounce." 

Also the first in the Jumping Objects Category, down a strange alley in Manly I was bet that I could not jump the bin. We call this "Recycle That Shit."

Lastly we have the "Corso Bidet Ballerina"

More Categories and jumps to come, if you all have any requests please inform JJA.

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