Sunday, 1 May 2011


After a very exciting road trip filled with jumping fun we arrived in Melbourne.

Near our temporary residence we stumbled upon one of the worlds largest understatements. The Worlds Largest Lollie Shop, the best part was that it was closed. Despite the establishment being closed, JJA is always open for jumps.  Here we have the "Largest Lollie Leap."

Next in the city we found a rad graffiti alley, we have the "Artsy Angry Youth Rebellion Jump"

Next we found a crowded mall, with fancy shops that were not appropriate for JJA. We attempted to do a Jewelry Jump, but failed and found the "Fancy Flat Frolic." 

"Never Say No To Panda"

Our last stop for JJA in Melbourne was Federation Square, on very crowded ANZAC Day we struggled with the crowds but still prevailed. Here we have the "Two-Up, 2 Step."

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