Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Manly Mountain Madness

 While exploring Manly's more scenic and dangerous spots we have some excellent opportunities for jumping fun. Enjoy.

Here we have ICMS, this is has been my home for the last few months and where I do very minimal studying. But an excellent opportunity to spot some traffic and jump. Here is the
"Rad Ass Castle Rap-A-Round" 

Next on an attempted beach day, which turned into a hiking around Shelly Beach we have the 
"Silky Smooth Sea Skip On Seaweed"

On our way to  North Head. We take the path less traveled and more occupied by the homeless. Next to a very steep cliff we have the "Danger Close Ciff Jump."

Finally on a very windy cliff edge we attempt to use a singlet as a cape and present the
"Save the Day Superman."

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