Friday, 27 May 2011

Road Trip to Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook, New Zealand

In the beautiful and massive landscapes of New Zealand it was only natural to stop in the middle of traffic and jump in the wrong side of the road, "Left Side Leap."  

Next on a tourist stop found a compass to jump on, we have the "Neglectful Navigation."

Here on Lake Tekapo we saw some great scenery, some turquoise water, and jumped on slippery rocks, for the "Tekapo Technique"

The famous Mount Cook, was an ideal location for me to wear sandals. The mountain train and weather also helped in creating the "Inappropriate Equipment Explosions."

On the way out of the valley we discovered a valley of  loose morals and low dignity, and equal quality jumps. Also that resulted in a cut on the hand, and the "Tetanus Twirl."

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