Friday, 27 May 2011

Wellington, New Zealand

As many know JJA recently traveled to New Zealand, our adventure was full of bridging cultures through many international jumps. We started in Wellington my former place of residence, jumps started off with many of the historic and majestic locations. 


Here we have the first jump in New Zealand, at the Wellington Cable Car, we cant really see the cable car or my face. We call this "Decapitate Deception Dance." 

Next we see the Wellington harbor and have the  "Harbor Hop"

 Here is the supreme court in New Zealand, we expected much more security and not to be able to get in, but we were able to do the "B&E Bounce."

Next with our first and last museum in in New Zealand. We stopped at Tepapa, a very fancy and extensive museum, but we were able to do the "Mobile Museum Maneuver."

Next we topped at the Weta Cave, which is where the do all the special effects for the Lord of the Rings and many other films. We see the actions figures in the back make a wonderful background for the "What are you doing? . . . Jumping in front of you action figures."

Finally on the beautiful coast of Wellington we have the "Rocky Coast Round Off"

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